Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello guys!

So, after shelving books, DVDs and Cds for about an hour and a half straight I came up with an idea (one of my jobs is at a library).  Somehow during this crazy shopping week I ended up with 3 Tarte mascaras when I only need 2 max at the moment. So while happily shelving books I was thinking about what to do with it. An amazing thought came to me and I decided to give it away. Then I had an even better idea, which was "why not do a giveaway on my blog?". Right when I thought that I was done thinking about makeup I had an even better idea. 

The idea was that it would be so cool if from now on I would do a giveaway every month on my blog!!!!!!    None of the makeup blogs, Facebook pages, or You Tube video guru I follow do this. There might be some out there that do but I think it would be nice if I did it!

My plan is to do on things that I liked the most that month. December is going to be the first month and I will give away 
A Tarte lights, camera lashes mascara because it is my favorite at the moment ( as well as having too many haha). 
I will also give away a Wet n Wild Mega Lash liquid eyeliner in green because that is my favorite eyeliner this month ( if you read the post I made about it you already know this). 

So here they are: 

This month if you follow me you will be entered to win the Tarte mascara and Wet n Wild eyeliner. This will be going on until December 10th when I will randomly choose someone by using a random name selector. 



  1. Awesome giveaway! I haven't tried this mascara and would love to win it ;)

  2. Thanks :) Its actually really good, especially if you use it with the lash primer they have.

  3. Thank you for this great giveaway! I would love to be the one to win it.


  4. Hey chica I could use makeup jazz that actually works! -Joyce