Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello guys!

So, after shelving books, DVDs and Cds for about an hour and a half straight I came up with an idea (one of my jobs is at a library).  Somehow during this crazy shopping week I ended up with 3 Tarte mascaras when I only need 2 max at the moment. So while happily shelving books I was thinking about what to do with it. An amazing thought came to me and I decided to give it away. Then I had an even better idea, which was "why not do a giveaway on my blog?". Right when I thought that I was done thinking about makeup I had an even better idea. 

The idea was that it would be so cool if from now on I would do a giveaway every month on my blog!!!!!!    None of the makeup blogs, Facebook pages, or You Tube video guru I follow do this. There might be some out there that do but I think it would be nice if I did it!

My plan is to do on things that I liked the most that month. December is going to be the first month and I will give away 
A Tarte lights, camera lashes mascara because it is my favorite at the moment ( as well as having too many haha). 
I will also give away a Wet n Wild Mega Lash liquid eyeliner in green because that is my favorite eyeliner this month ( if you read the post I made about it you already know this). 

So here they are: 

This month if you follow me you will be entered to win the Tarte mascara and Wet n Wild eyeliner. This will be going on until December 10th when I will randomly choose someone by using a random name selector. 


Nicki Minaj inspired

Hello people!!!!!

I was watching a Nicki Minaj video today and decided to do another Nicki Minaj inspired makeup.

Here is what it looks like:

So this is a really simple and easy look to accomplish

  1. I primed my lids and used a pink cream shadow all over my lid right up to the crease
  2. I got my Creative Me #1 palette by Coastal Scents and put the lighter pink all over my lid right up to the lid
  3. To make the look more wearable and to give it depth I used a brown matte color ( I used a random one from one of my Coastal Scents palette) all over my crease and made sure it blended really well with the pink that was on my crease. 
  4. I got a shimmery white shadow and put that on my brow bone
  5. I lined my upper lash line with a thick layer of black liner. I also put that on my water line. 
  6. For my lower lash line I used the lighter green color on my Creative Me #1 palette
  7. I made sure my lips and cheeks were really pink as well since Nicki Minaj usually has really pink lips and cheeks. To do that I used Tarte's Tue Love cheek stain and Revlon's Color Burst lip butter in Cup Cake. 
I hope you liked it!!! If you have any requests let me know :)



Monday, November 28, 2011

Coastal Scents Smoky Eye Palette

Hey Guys!!!

I got this Palette last week and I love it so far. There is so much you can do with it.

Here is the look I will teach you this time

Here is the palette: 

  1.  I got the light shimmery pink (1) and put it all over my lid and crease.
  2. On the outer half of my lid and crease I put the bright pink color (2) and blended it well.
  3. Then I got the shimmery black (3) and put it on my outer corner. Don't forget to blend it. 
  4. I used color #4 ( light shimmery peach) and put it on my brow bone
  5. I used a shimmery black liner on my lash line and black mascara on my lashes.

Hope you like it!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey guys!

Today I am going to teach you this look:

I used Coastal Scents Creative me #1 and Maybelline Eyestudio Sapphire Stylist Palettes :  

  1. I got a shimmery white color (you can use any you have) and put in on the inner corner of my upper and lower lid. 
  2. I used the light matte blue on the Coastal Scents palette and put that on 1/3 of my lid all the way up to your crease (be careful not to put it on top of the white you used on your inner corner). 
  3. On the outer 1/3 of my lid I used the darker matte blue from the Coastal Scents palette. Make sure you blend it well.
  4. On top of the matte blue I used the dark shimmery blue from the Maybelline palette. The other blue by itself was not dark enough. Also put that blue on your crease and go about half way into your crease. 
  5. Get the same white you used on your inner corner an put it on your brow bone
  6. I used a shimmery black liner for my upper lash line and my water line. 
  7. On your lower lid use the light blue from the Coastal Scents palette and put it on 1/3 of it (the middle of the lid). 
  8. Then use the dark blue from the Maybelline palette and put that on the outer 1/3 of your lower lid, connecting it to the blue on your upper lid. So there will be white, light blue and dark blue lining your lower lid. 
  9. Don't forget mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

Hope you liked it 
By the way, Coastal Scents is having a sale for black Friday, so you can get anything for 50% off. I think it goes until the 29th. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Revlon Lip Butter

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to review the Revlon Lip Butter. If you haven't heard of it, they are supposed to be there really hydrating lip sticks. I guess they are supposed to be like chap sticks with really intense colors.

I heard so many people talk about them and how hydrating they are. Most people say they love it. I don't know if it was because I got my hopes up but I don't love it. I heard so many people talk about how great they are that I expected something a lot better than they actually are.

I have been using mine for a while now. I love the color but I don't think it is that hydrating. They are a better than regular lip stick but they are not amazing. After a while my lips still get dry if I don't use something else with it. I also don't think they make my lips smooth, if I actually only use the lipstick by itself my lips get dry and later chapped. They are better than regular lip stick just because they don't feel dry as soon as you put it on. It takes a while for your lips to feel dry but my lips don't get hydrated. It also looks really shiny when you put it on so I guess it gives the impression that your lips are hydrated. I love the colors they have it in though, and I end up wearing the one I bought very often. I just don't think it does what it is advertised to do. At least not to me.

If you click on the link below you can see what it looks like, and get more info about it as well.

So many people love it, maybe I will go buy another color and see if that one works better on me.

Have you guys tried this product? What do you think about it?


Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Tutorial

Hey guys,

Below is the look I will be teaching you. It is inspired by fall / Thanksgiving.

Below is the pallete I used for it. It is Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone pallete. I used Wet n Wild because their products are so nice and you can find it in so many places.

First I primed my lids and put the light green all over them:

Then I got the shadow on the green side of the pallete that has definer written on it and put that on my crease. Its a really unique color, not sure how to describe it but it looks so cool. If you look at the pallete its the last one (from top to bottom) on the right.

After that I got the brown shadow on the left side of the pallete and put it about half way all over my lid. I also included the crease area.

So if you blend it really well, that look above by itself will look really nice if you wanna keep it simple. Just add the highlighter on the brow bone, eyeliner and mascara and it would look great. I want my look more complex so I will keep going.

Next I got the dark shimmery brown ( the last one on the left that says definer on it) and put that on the outer corner of my eyes. I also used the beige shadow (the one on the top left) and put it on my brow bone.

Then I used the Wet n Wild eyeliner in black on my lash line. I got some more of the light green and put that 1/3 of the way on my lower lash line. Then I used the dark green that is right below that light green on the other 2/3 of it.

So I did two looks using my eyeliner. For people that have smaller eyes, if you add white liner on the lower water line it makes your eyes look bigger. So here is how that looks:

For people with bigger eyes like me, use the black liner on the water line. Here is how it looks with the black liner: 

I like that better for my eyes cause they look too big with the white liner haha. 

Don't forget to put mascara on :) Also, if you don't want it too dramatic like I have it, just don't add the shadows to the lower lash line or the eyeliner to the waterline. 

Ps: Here are the liners I used just so you know. They are only 99 cents!!!!!! and they work pretty well  :)

I hope you liked it!


Friday, November 18, 2011

In love!

Hey guys!!!!

Guess what????

I am in love... That's right, I am in LOVE with my new eyeliner :)

So, I got this eyeliner yesterday because it was on sale and the color looked really cool. I never thought that I would like it this much.

This is what it looks like:

How could you not like it??? It is an amazing green color!!!!!! 

It is the Wet n Wild Mega Liner in green ( number 863). If you read my other posts I was having trouble with the purple one, and how it would not stay for a long time. Well, this one stays longer!! I love the color so much. The other one also does not come out as bright as this. 

If you want the tutorial of how I did this look let me know :) I wasn't really planning on blogging about it until I saw how amazing it looked haha

Love it!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cotton Candy Eyes

Hey guys!

This is the look that I am teaching you guys today:

I used Wet N Wild's I am Feeling Retro Pallete to acheive this look.

First I primed my lids with Shadow Insurance from Too Faced.

Then I applied the pink color all over my lid ( for this tutorial I just applied the pink shadow because
I wanted it to be mainly Wet N Wild products but if you have a pink or even white cream shadow and you apply that before hand it will make the pink shadow you apply on top look brighter).

After that I got the white shadow and applied it all over my crease and the blue on the outer corner of my lid. Make sure you blend it really well.

 Then I applied that white color on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye ( this time I applied it about one third into my lid). Make sure you also blend that white to the pink. I also applied it 1/3 into the bottom lid/ eyeliner area.

After that I got Wet N Wild's liquid liner in purple and put on my upper lash line. Last time I used this product on my lower lash line did not work well because it came off really fast. This time it lasted a lot longer since it was on my upper lid. They do sell water proof liquid liners but they don't sell them in fun colors. They just have your basic black, brown, dark purple and I think dark green.

Anyways, for my lower lash line I used Stila's eyeliner pencil in purple tang since that one is waterproof. I also kept my lips and cheeks pretty pink.

I hope you like it :)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi guys!!!

Today's tutorial looks like this:

To get this look I used Kat Von D's true love pallete (which was on sale at Sephora inside JC Penney for only $15).

Here are the shadows I used:

This time I numbered them because I thought it would be easier that way.

First I applied the eyeshadow babe (1) all over my lid.

Then I got Shiba (2) and applied it all over my crease.

After that I took Cholita (3) and applied it on the outer half of my lid. Make sure you blend it really well. With this one I had a little bit of a hard time blending it. What I ended up doing was getting Shiba (2) and applying that right where shadows 1 and 3 met. Then I used that to blend them better.

For the highlight I used Peanut ( this is the first shadow on that second picture of the pallete that I posted above). I put that on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eyes. Then I got my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero and applied that on my upper lid. For my lower eyeliner I used Wet n Wild's purple liquid eyeliner.

Ps: The Wet N Wild liner did not work as my lower lid liner because within one hour it was gone. My eyes watered and all the liner came off. So I would recommend to use another liner for this.

This time I took pictures of the brushes I used so you guys could get an idea of what I use.

Here are the brushes :

As you can see I only used three of them. The domed brush I used for my crease area. The longer flat squared one I used for my lid and to help me blend. The smallest one I use for my brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes.

Here are the liners I used, just so you guys know what they look like.  

I hope you liked it! My next post will be using drug store products since my last few posts were all high end products.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Greens and Golds

Hey guys!!!

This tutorial will be a little bit different because for some reason it was so hard to get my camera to show the colors I used! After taking about 20 pictures I finally found a great setting so the pictures should be better from now on.

This is today's look:

Those are the only pictures that I have that turned out good so I will just tell you how I did it. I am sorry!!! At least now I now the best camera setting to use. 

First I primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance ( by the way, this is also a great primer, I got it not long ago and I love it so far). 

Then I used the Too Faced eyeshadow in Lucky Charms all over my lid. It looks like this: 

After that I used Kat Von D's eyeshadow in Long Distance all over my crease. It is the first green (from left to right). You can't really see it here but it is a really light shimmery green. 

Then I got Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Smog and applied to the outer corner of my eyes. It is the last eyeshadow on the picture below (going left to right).

For my brow bone I used Sin which is the second eyeshadow (going left to right) on the picture above.

For my liner I used Kat Von D's creamy eyeshadow in benji. Ok, so I have major problems with this shadow/cream shadow. It does not work well at all! It is a creamy shadow but it is so hard to get it on an eyeliner pencil and it is almost impossible to get it on a regular eyeshadow pencil. Even if I just use my fingers it is kind of hard. I really don't know what the point of it is. So I would recommend you guys just getting a gold eyeliner and using that because it will be so much easier to apply.

On my lower lash line I used Kat Von D's creamy eyeshadow in Finland. Unlike the one above this cream shadow actually works a lot better. I really like this color!!!

To finish off the look I put mascara on. I used Almay's Triple Effect Mascara which is my favorite one at the moment.

Sorry that I don't have step by step pictures this time, but now that I found a good setting on my camera I hope all the pictures from now on will look great.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nicki minaj Inspired Look


So this look is what I am going to teach you today:

First I primed my lids, then put Urban Decay eyeshadow in Painkiller all over my lid

Then on the outer corner of my eyes I put Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Flash. Make sure you blend it well.

I got Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Sin and put it on my browbone and put Urban Decay's 24/7 Zero eyeliner all over my upper lids and on the water line. On my Lower lids I used NYX's Jumbo eye pencil in Baby Blue. Don't forget to put mascara on :)

For my cheeks and lips I made sure they were really pink. I used baby pink colors for them.

I hope you liked it!!!!