Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cotton Candy Eyes

Hey guys!

This is the look that I am teaching you guys today:

I used Wet N Wild's I am Feeling Retro Pallete to acheive this look.

First I primed my lids with Shadow Insurance from Too Faced.

Then I applied the pink color all over my lid ( for this tutorial I just applied the pink shadow because
I wanted it to be mainly Wet N Wild products but if you have a pink or even white cream shadow and you apply that before hand it will make the pink shadow you apply on top look brighter).

After that I got the white shadow and applied it all over my crease and the blue on the outer corner of my lid. Make sure you blend it really well.

 Then I applied that white color on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye ( this time I applied it about one third into my lid). Make sure you also blend that white to the pink. I also applied it 1/3 into the bottom lid/ eyeliner area.

After that I got Wet N Wild's liquid liner in purple and put on my upper lash line. Last time I used this product on my lower lash line did not work well because it came off really fast. This time it lasted a lot longer since it was on my upper lid. They do sell water proof liquid liners but they don't sell them in fun colors. They just have your basic black, brown, dark purple and I think dark green.

Anyways, for my lower lash line I used Stila's eyeliner pencil in purple tang since that one is waterproof. I also kept my lips and cheeks pretty pink.

I hope you like it :)


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