Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Tutorial

Hey guys,

Below is the look I will be teaching you. It is inspired by fall / Thanksgiving.

Below is the pallete I used for it. It is Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone pallete. I used Wet n Wild because their products are so nice and you can find it in so many places.

First I primed my lids and put the light green all over them:

Then I got the shadow on the green side of the pallete that has definer written on it and put that on my crease. Its a really unique color, not sure how to describe it but it looks so cool. If you look at the pallete its the last one (from top to bottom) on the right.

After that I got the brown shadow on the left side of the pallete and put it about half way all over my lid. I also included the crease area.

So if you blend it really well, that look above by itself will look really nice if you wanna keep it simple. Just add the highlighter on the brow bone, eyeliner and mascara and it would look great. I want my look more complex so I will keep going.

Next I got the dark shimmery brown ( the last one on the left that says definer on it) and put that on the outer corner of my eyes. I also used the beige shadow (the one on the top left) and put it on my brow bone.

Then I used the Wet n Wild eyeliner in black on my lash line. I got some more of the light green and put that 1/3 of the way on my lower lash line. Then I used the dark green that is right below that light green on the other 2/3 of it.

So I did two looks using my eyeliner. For people that have smaller eyes, if you add white liner on the lower water line it makes your eyes look bigger. So here is how that looks:

For people with bigger eyes like me, use the black liner on the water line. Here is how it looks with the black liner: 

I like that better for my eyes cause they look too big with the white liner haha. 

Don't forget to put mascara on :) Also, if you don't want it too dramatic like I have it, just don't add the shadows to the lower lash line or the eyeliner to the waterline. 

Ps: Here are the liners I used just so you know. They are only 99 cents!!!!!! and they work pretty well  :)

I hope you liked it!


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