Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey guys!

Today I am going to teach you this look:

I used Coastal Scents Creative me #1 and Maybelline Eyestudio Sapphire Stylist Palettes :  

  1. I got a shimmery white color (you can use any you have) and put in on the inner corner of my upper and lower lid. 
  2. I used the light matte blue on the Coastal Scents palette and put that on 1/3 of my lid all the way up to your crease (be careful not to put it on top of the white you used on your inner corner). 
  3. On the outer 1/3 of my lid I used the darker matte blue from the Coastal Scents palette. Make sure you blend it well.
  4. On top of the matte blue I used the dark shimmery blue from the Maybelline palette. The other blue by itself was not dark enough. Also put that blue on your crease and go about half way into your crease. 
  5. Get the same white you used on your inner corner an put it on your brow bone
  6. I used a shimmery black liner for my upper lash line and my water line. 
  7. On your lower lid use the light blue from the Coastal Scents palette and put it on 1/3 of it (the middle of the lid). 
  8. Then use the dark blue from the Maybelline palette and put that on the outer 1/3 of your lower lid, connecting it to the blue on your upper lid. So there will be white, light blue and dark blue lining your lower lid. 
  9. Don't forget mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

Hope you liked it 
By the way, Coastal Scents is having a sale for black Friday, so you can get anything for 50% off. I think it goes until the 29th. 

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