Monday, January 30, 2012

Smoky Purple

Hey guys!!!!!!

How are you?? 

Here is the look for today:

I used my Coastal Scent's Smoky palette 

  • First I primed my lids and put my Maybelline color tattoo in too cool all over my lid, up to the crease. If you don't have that use something like Nix's jumbo pencil. If you don't use anything under the white shadow is not going to show that well. 
  • This palette has a nice matte white shadow that you can't see on the picture above. Use that and place it all over your lid, up to the crease. 
  • Get the dark purple/burgundy shadow ( the second shadow on the last column) and put it all over your crease.
  • Then get the dark purple (last shadow on the 3rd column) and put it on your outer corner, 1/3 into your lid/crease. 
  • Use the light purple (2nd shadow on the 3rd column) and use it to help blend that dark purple to the white. So it should go up to 1/2 on your lid. 
  • Then get a matte black shadow ( there is one in this palette as well) and put a little of it on your outer corner, but don't completely cover that dark purple. 
  • Use a dark purple shimmery liner (mine was one from Stila) and put it on your upper lash line. 
  • Use a black liner on your water line and smudge a little on your lower lash line. 
  • Then on top of that smudged black liner on your lower lash line put some dark brown liner and smudge it a little. 
  • Don't forget mascara :)

I hope you liked it


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arabic inspired

Hey  guys!!!!

How are you?? Here is the look for today

I used my Coastal Scents 88 warm palette

  • First I primed my lids then put Maybelline's color tattoo eyeshadow in too cool all over my lid. 
  • I got a matte white shadow from my Coastal Scents palette and put it all over my lid, right up to the crease
  • Then I got the dark reddish-brown ( third one on the first row) shadow and put it on my crease and on my outer corner. 
  • I used the reddish (middle shadow in the last row) shadow and put it on my outer corner and a little into my lid. 
  • Then I got the orange shadow and put it where the red one ended up to half way on my lid. Make sure you blend it well.
  • I used a shimmery white shadow on my brow bone
  • I lined my upper lash line and my water line with Maybelline's gel liner in blackest black and winged the bottom and upper liner. 
  • On my lower lash line I used a dark brown liner. 
  • Between both wings I put some white liner. 
  • Don't forget your favorite mascara. 

I hope you liked it. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Glam Bag January

Hey guys!!

I finally got Myglam bag and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! To get a myglam bag all you have to do is go to You only pay 10 dollars each month and they send you a bag full of goodies inside :) The value of the things they send you is worth a lot more than 10 dollars which is great.

Mine came with:

Sheer Cover duo concealer:  I have tried it and it actually pretty well. It conceals really nicely so I will definitely be using this :) It is a $29 dollar value.

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner: I LOVE this!!!! I have been wanting to try it for a while but never got the change to. I have used their deep conditioner and I loved it! It made my hair so nice and smooth. This product plus my Argon oil makes my hair amazing! A full size Wen Conditioner is $28 dollars.

Freeman Cucumber facial peel-off : I have not tried this yet but I am pretty excited about trying it. It is supposed to hydrate and replenish your skin. It is also a full size which is pretty nice. Value is $8 dollars.

TheBalm Cosmetics Shady Lady: I got a golden brown shadow. I didn't show it in the picture because it came broken but I will still be able to use it. It is really pigmented and the color is really nice! This is a $16 dollars value.

Not only does it come with all of those items, they also give you discounts on all of them. I got a $20 dollars of Wen, 16% off Freeman beauty, and 3 free gifts if I get the Sheer Cover Kit. I think this was really nice as well because I am definitely getting some of these products.

Overall this is an amazing deal!!!! I have subscribed for other monthly bags like this but they don't give you as much as Myglam does.

Love it!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinks and Oranges

Hey guys!!!!

Any good makeup news lately??? Anything new you guys are liking??? Let me know ;)

Here is the look for today :

I used my creative me #2 Palette

  • First I primed my lids 
  • Using the pinkish orange shadow ( the first shadow on the second row) I put that on the inner half of my lid and crease. 
  • On the other half of my lid and crease I used the brighter orange ( the third color on the first row). 
  • With the lighter pink ( second one on the second row) I blended the two shadows together. Place that right in between the other shadows and use it to help blend. 
  • Get a light brown color like nude from the UD's naked palette and put all over that on top of those colors. So it will be a little above your crease. 
  • Then I used a darker brown and put it on the outer corner of my lid, make sure you blend it really well.
  • Get a shimmery white or light pink and put it on your browbone. 
  • I used my Maybelline blackest black gel liner to line my upper lash line and my water line. Make your liner winged. 
  • For my lower lash line I used Wet n Wild's light blue liquid liner. Also wing that liner and make it parallel to the wings on your upper lash line. 
  • To finish the look off just put mascara on :) 

I hope you like it!!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simple black eyeshadow look

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you doing??? Any good news lately? If yes then tell me about it :) Any cool makeup purchases? Anything you have been loving lately?

Here is the look for today. It is a really simple look

For this look I used the Wet n Wild Matte palette

This time I used the right side of the palette :)

  • Prime your lids with your favorite primer. I used the Smashbox one. 
  • Put the black eyeshadow all over your lid up to the crease
  • Get the brown shadow and put it on your crease and blend it really well
  • On your browbone use a shimmery white or pinkish shadow
  • On my lower lid I used the shadow Aquarious by Urban Decay. It is a really pretty light blue color and I love it. Connect that to the black/brown shadows. 
  • Use Maybelline's black gel liner all over your upper, lower lash line and water line
  • Don't forget mascara ;) 
I hope you guys like it :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wet n Wild I Love Matte

Hello guys!!!!!

I decided to do a look using Wet n Wild since I had not done one in a while. Here is what I came up with:

I used the I love Matte palette, which looks like this:

  • First I primed my lids with the Smashbox primer ( my new favorite primer) 
  • Then I used the Maybelline's Color tattoo in too cool all over my lids and on my crease. 
  • I got the green shadow and put it on the inner half of my lid and crease. 
  • Then the outer half of my lid I put the purple shadow. You don't need to blend. 
  • I got the blue and put it right where the green and purple met and then blended it really well. 
  • On top of that, right above my crease and where the shadows ended I used a light brown shadow ( sienna by Mary Kay). 
  • Then on my brow bone I used a shimmery light shade (it can be white or pink-ish). 
  • For the eyeliner I used the Maybelline gel liner in blackest black. I am in love with this eyeliner, It last for such a long time and it is super black. I actually took a picture after wearing it for about 6 hours so you guys could see how it looked. 
  • Then I put mascara on ( I used Maybelline's great lash, lots of lashes) and put fake eyelashes on as well. 

Here is the picture of how the liner looked after I wore it to work. It had been about 6 hours, most of it is still on which I love. This is the first liner I could find that would stay on my waterline this long. 

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Giveaway Winner for January

Hey guys

So the giveaway winner is MsKimiKiwi  :)  I gave all of you guys numbers ( 2 for the ones that subscribed and commented) then put it on

Congrats :) could you send me your address?

Also, I don't think I will be doing giveaways for a while because they do not seem to be popular. So instead of doing little ones every month I might just do a big one every few months. We will see :)

Have a great day!!!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cat eye

Hey guys!

One of my friends showed me this picture and asked me if I could show her how to do it.

I got this picture from   

Here is what I came up with.

  • First I primed my lids and used my Maybelline color tattoo gel in Too Cool all over my lid. 
  • Then I got the darkest yellow shadow from my Coastal Scents Creative me #1 and put it on my lids. You can use any bright yellow shadow. I know NYC has one that is really bright and affordable. 
  • Then I took the shadow Buck (brown shadow) from my UD Naked palette and put it on my crease. 
  • On top of Buck I put the shadow sidecar from my UD Naked palette. 
  • Then on my browbone I used Virgin also from my UD Naked palette. 
  • For my top liner I used Urban Decay's liner in zero and the Wet n Wild gel black liner. The gel liner is nice for to make the wing. I used both because I was trying to get the black to be really dark. I also used UD's liner in zero for my water line.
  • On my lower lash line I used Cover Girl's liquiline blast in blue. Then I applied my mascara. 

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYX Lip creams, lips sticks and liners


A while back I got a NYX extreme lip cream from and I liked it a lot so I decided to get a few more. I got some that where on sale on It came with 2 extreme lip cream colors, 2 lip liners and 2 lip sticks. 

Here is what they look like on me: 

This is the Fuchsia lip liner with the Dolly girl lip cream and the matte lipstick in sweet pink (I just realized that my nose looks super weird in this picture hahahaha it looks like I only have one nostril, oh well). 

This one is a brown lip liner ( sorry I forgot the name) with the nude lipstick and natural lip cream.

You don't have to use all three together, in fact don't use all three together haha. I guess using all three together is supposed to last longer but I don't think it does ( maybe you are not even to use all of it together but I did it anyways because I was experimenting). It actually gets too creamy and feels kinda weird. It also looks like there is too much on your lips. 

My favorite of all three is the extreme lip cream, I love it!!!! It is great because it is creamy but it is a lip stain as well and the color is very vibrant. It does dry up after a while but just put a gloss over it or a lip balm. It will stay on for a long time. If you just put on the liner and the lip cream it will last even longer. Its only when using the lip cream and the lip stick together that it gets too creamy and weird. So you can also use the liner and the lipstick and it will be fine :) 

These are great and I love them!!! Can't wait to try more colors! Also, that natural lip cream and nude lipstick is too nude for me. It looks way nude, it hides all the pink your lip has. It does look good with certain looks or certain skin tones. 

Anyways, the point of this post is that.... The the extreme lip cream is awesome. The liner and lipstick are pretty good too but nothing too special. 

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Have a wonderful day!


UD's Naked palette look

Hey guys!!!!

I finally was able to get another cable for my camera because the other one broke. Now I can finally upload pictures again!!! :)

Here is the look for today

For this look I used the Urban Decay Naked palette and the black shadow from my Too Faced naked eyes palette. I also used something new that I am excited about!!!! Its the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow. It does the same as the NYX Jumbo pencil and it works better for me because the jumbo pencil creases on me sometimes.

  • First prime your lids 
  • Then put the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr shimmery white eyeshadow (or Nyx jumbo pencil in milk or cottage cheese) all over your lids and crease. This will make the other eyeshadows look more vibrant. 
  • Then get a black shadow and put it all over your lid until right under your crease. 
  • On your crease use Urban Decay's gunmetal eyeshadow. Place that all over your crease and blend it really well with the black. 
  • Then on top of that shadow you are going to use Urban Decay's sidecar eyeshadow. Put that right on top of where gunmetal ended and a little overlapping that gunmetal shadow. 
  • On your brow bone you are going to use Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Virgin. Also use some of that on your inner corner and blend it well with the other shadows. 
  • Get a black liner and line your upper and lower lash line as well as your water line. I used UD's liner in zero for the water line and Wet n Wild's gel liner for the rest. 
  • On your upper lash line make the liner winged and connect it to the lower lash line liner that you had on. 
  • To finish it add some more black shadow to your crease and blend just to make sure that it is dark enough.
  • Finally, put your favorite mascara on :) 

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