Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Makeup

Hey guys!

I wanted to do something for New Years Eve and I came up with this:

It is kind of a glittery smoky eye look. I used my Wet n Wild I love Matte palette. I just broke the cable that connects my camera to my computer :( so I could not take a picture of the palette. Here is a picture that I got from which I randomly found online.

All I used from it was the white and the black shadows so you can use any you have if you don't own this palette :)

  1. First prime you lids
  2. Then use Nix Jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese or Milk all over your lid up to the crease.
  3. Get the white eyeshadow and put it all over your lid and crease
  4. Place the black shadow on your outer corner and a little into your crease. Now all you have to do is blend it really well so it is darker ( black) at the outer corner and more of a gray as you get to the middle of your lid and 1/3 into your crease. Start with not so much black then build it up as you blend. 
  5. Make sure you leave it really white by your inner corner. 
  6. Then get a shimmery white shadow and put it on your brow bone. 
  7. Get Wet n Wild's Mega Shimmer in White lotus and put it all over your lid and crease. 
  8. Line your upper lash line and water lines with a black eyeliner
  9. Use a shimmery white liner from for the bottom lash line 
  10. Put mascara on or use fake lashes for a more dramatic look

  • Elf's Health Glow Shimmer powder is a pretty good dupe for LORAC's Perfectly Lit in Spotlight and Bare Mineral's Flawless Radiance. It is a great highlighter and it was only 3 dollars and came with a brush ( not a good brush but it does the job. It is a mini kabuki brush) 
  • Urban Decay's Book of Shadows IV is on sale at Sephora and Urban Decay. Its $44 now instead of 60 something dollars. 
  • Philosophy products have also been on sale for a while at Sephora. They even have some of their eye creams on sale at the Sephora inside JcPenneys ( not sure about the free standing Sephora store) 

Hope you liked it :) If you did subscribe or comment :) 

Ps: I created a Facebook page called Makeup Chat. Check it out :) It is a place where you can talk and share anything beauty or makeup related. Also where you can ask questions and have fun :)


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