Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Urban Decay's Feminine Palette


Today I am going to teach you a beautiful look that you an accomplish with your Urban Decay's Feminine Palette. I am pretty sure those are sold out but you can still get the individual shadows. I don't know if they will re-stock it because I got it on sale.

Here is the palette:

  1.  First prime your lids
  2. Take the blue shadow and put it all over your lids up to the crease
  3. Then take the lighter brown and put it on the outer half of your lid and crease
  4. Get the darker brown and put that on your outer corner
  5. I used a light blue Wet n Wild liner to line the outer half of my bottom lash line
  6. For the inner half a used this really pretty Sephora waterproof liner called ( I also used that on my lower water liner)
  7. Liner your upper lash line with your favorite black liner and use your favorite mascara on your lashes 

I hope you liked it. I wore it for work today and got compliments on it. I LOVE that blue/ teal eye shadow.



  1. love the colors! Your shadow is so much more defined than mine. I must be doing it wrong. :)

  2. You do the MOST gorgeous eye looks! They are all absolutely stunning! <3