Monday, December 12, 2011

GIVEAWAY for January!!!


Giveaway for January will be Ed Hardy's perfume :)

Update: It seems as if not many people like perfume haha ;) so I am updating this giveaway and changing it. So, you can choose the perfume or:

Urban Decay's shadow in Sin :

Urban Decay's mini primer ( my favorite!)

And a Urban Decay liner duo which I don't have a picture of eye but its just one liner with 2 ends, one black and one brown :)

 So you can choose the Perfume or all three U.D products :)

I really like how it smells and it is a pretty popular perfume. So to get entered to win all you have to do is Comment on my posts :) If you comment and follow me I will enter you twice. If you want to comment but don't have an account e-mail me your e-mail so I can contact you if you win.

You guys will have until January 10th !

Have a great day!!!!!

Ps: if you have any giveaway ideas let me know!!!!



  1. Your eyes are naturally pretty and so your make-up eyes look incredible...I'm considering trying your make-up looks on my naturally plain eyes. ;)

  2. I'm a newbie to this blog site, but your very sweet to do this. I'd love to win..I don't have any UD products lol Love the make up looks you did!

  3. aww thank you :) I thought it would be cool to do it :)

  4. I know this perfume is very popular, but I like another one, so if I win I would love the UD products.


  5. I just subscribed. Very nice blog! UD primer potion is my FAVE.

  6. Thanks :) Primer potion is my Favorite too!!! I love it!

  7. I'm allergic to most perfumes, but I love those UD products!

  8. I loove that perfume , yey for giveway <3