Thursday, January 5, 2012

UD's Naked palette look

Hey guys!!!!

I finally was able to get another cable for my camera because the other one broke. Now I can finally upload pictures again!!! :)

Here is the look for today

For this look I used the Urban Decay Naked palette and the black shadow from my Too Faced naked eyes palette. I also used something new that I am excited about!!!! Its the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow. It does the same as the NYX Jumbo pencil and it works better for me because the jumbo pencil creases on me sometimes.

  • First prime your lids 
  • Then put the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr shimmery white eyeshadow (or Nyx jumbo pencil in milk or cottage cheese) all over your lids and crease. This will make the other eyeshadows look more vibrant. 
  • Then get a black shadow and put it all over your lid until right under your crease. 
  • On your crease use Urban Decay's gunmetal eyeshadow. Place that all over your crease and blend it really well with the black. 
  • Then on top of that shadow you are going to use Urban Decay's sidecar eyeshadow. Put that right on top of where gunmetal ended and a little overlapping that gunmetal shadow. 
  • On your brow bone you are going to use Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Virgin. Also use some of that on your inner corner and blend it well with the other shadows. 
  • Get a black liner and line your upper and lower lash line as well as your water line. I used UD's liner in zero for the water line and Wet n Wild's gel liner for the rest. 
  • On your upper lash line make the liner winged and connect it to the lower lash line liner that you had on. 
  • To finish it add some more black shadow to your crease and blend just to make sure that it is dark enough.
  • Finally, put your favorite mascara on :) 

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  1. I like this too! I talked to my girls from church and we want to do a night where you come and do our makeup - maybe the first weekend in February?!?!

  2. Thanks :) Yeah anytime is fine :) just let me know, that would be so much fun!!