Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYX Lip creams, lips sticks and liners


A while back I got a NYX extreme lip cream from and I liked it a lot so I decided to get a few more. I got some that where on sale on It came with 2 extreme lip cream colors, 2 lip liners and 2 lip sticks. 

Here is what they look like on me: 

This is the Fuchsia lip liner with the Dolly girl lip cream and the matte lipstick in sweet pink (I just realized that my nose looks super weird in this picture hahahaha it looks like I only have one nostril, oh well). 

This one is a brown lip liner ( sorry I forgot the name) with the nude lipstick and natural lip cream.

You don't have to use all three together, in fact don't use all three together haha. I guess using all three together is supposed to last longer but I don't think it does ( maybe you are not even to use all of it together but I did it anyways because I was experimenting). It actually gets too creamy and feels kinda weird. It also looks like there is too much on your lips. 

My favorite of all three is the extreme lip cream, I love it!!!! It is great because it is creamy but it is a lip stain as well and the color is very vibrant. It does dry up after a while but just put a gloss over it or a lip balm. It will stay on for a long time. If you just put on the liner and the lip cream it will last even longer. Its only when using the lip cream and the lip stick together that it gets too creamy and weird. So you can also use the liner and the lipstick and it will be fine :) 

These are great and I love them!!! Can't wait to try more colors! Also, that natural lip cream and nude lipstick is too nude for me. It looks way nude, it hides all the pink your lip has. It does look good with certain looks or certain skin tones. 

Anyways, the point of this post is that.... The the extreme lip cream is awesome. The liner and lipstick are pretty good too but nothing too special. 

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