Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Findings Review (L'oreal, Covergirl and Maybelline)

Hey guys!!!

I bought a couple of new things not long ago and decided to go a review. I bought 2 new shadows from L'oreal, 2 liners from Maybelline and a lipstick from Covergirl. 

L'oreal Paris Infallible 24 hr eye shadows : I got the infinite sky (blue) and the sultry smoke (grey). I really like these so far. I did find them a little hard to blend but they are very pigmented (especially the blue one). They did stay really well but I always use primer so I can't say if they would last on itself. They look like they are pressed loose shadows. It comes with a grey lid/cover  that you put right on top of the shadow so it does not get loose (you will see it on the picture).You have to keep lid/cover there or else the shadow will break ( at the store they had some broken ones that people took the grey piece off and did not put back). Overall I really like them, and they have really nice colors as well. 

Covergirl Blastflipstick: I got the one in stunner, it has a bright glittery gold side and a bright orange side. I really like the way these colors look together. The colors by itself look fine but together they look awesome. These do have a weird taste that is hard to explain, but I can put up with it. They do last a really long time, it goes away eventually but it stains your lips and stays there for a while. You also can feel the glitter on your lip, so it does not feel smooth. Overall they are ok, I love the color I chose though so I will keep wearing it. 

Here is the gold side, it actually looks a lot more gold. My camera is not doing it justice. 

Orange side, again it does look a little brighter than this.  

Together, this one actually looks more like the color in real life. Its an orange with gold and glitter

Maybelline Masterdrama eyeliners : I have the Midnight master (black) and Vibrant violet (purple). There are really good but I like Maybelline's gel liner better for my waterline. They are great for your lash line, and stay there for the whole day. It did come off my water line not long after. They also go on very smoothly, and are vibrant. I really like the purple because I have been looking for more of a violet liner and most of the ones I could find where plum. 

Here is a look I did using the infallible eyeshadows, and the two liners. 

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