Monday, February 20, 2012

February Myglam Bag

Hey Guys!!!!!

I finally get to post about the February Myglam :) I was pretty excited about it, here is what it came with: 

Xout Shine control (not included on the pic, I forgot) : I am pretty excited about this because I have oily skin and anything that helps with it I am willing to try. I have used it already and so far so good :) 

Nyx roll on shimmer: I had low expectations for this but it actually works really well. It rolls on pretty easily and  it did not crease ( I did use a primer first). 

Freeman Facial Hydration mask and Dead sea Premier: These were just samples and I am pretty excited to try them as well. 

100 dollars gift card for Nu.Me : This was the most exciting thing in the whole bag. I am super excited about it and can't wait to buy a really nice hair straightener. 

If it were not for the gift card I would not be so excited about this bag. The two face masks were very small so it is not going to last. The Xout and Nyx roll on are really good but not worth it by itself. They also did include 2 pieces of chocolate which was cute because it came on Valentine's day week :) 

I know that they have been sold out of these for a while so I hope that they let more people join soon. Also, some people have been complaining about not getting their bags but I think that they have fixed it this time around. 


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