Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nyx Glitter liner

Hey Guys!!!!!!!

Last week I went to Sephora and asked one of my friends which liner she was using because it looked so bright and sparkly. Usually when I put my glitter liner on it does not look as glittery as I want it to. She told me what she did to make it that way so I will teach you guys cause it helped me a lot.

  • Prime your eyes
  • On my lid I have Urban Decay's Verve eye shadow and on my brow bone I have Sin.
  • First you line your lid and make the wing. I used a Maybelline's Master Drama vibrant violet liner. The reason I used purple is because my friend had purple glitter on and I wanted to use purple under with a silver glitter over to see how it looked. I thought it was going to look more purple than it did. 
  • Then on top of that liner I used Urban Decay's twisted sister ( metallic purple shadow)
  • On top of that I used my Nyx candy glitter liner in silver. 
  • I also lined my upper and lower water line to make that silver pop out even more
It turned out really good, a bright glittery silver. It lasted all day long and it looked just like it did when I put it on. If you use a silver liner and shadow it should turn out the same as mine did :)

I hope you liked it 


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